Christmas Marché 2019


開催日時: 12月20日(金)※ 、21日(土)11:00〜18:00

Join us for our last marché of 2019!
In addition to plenty of delicious veggies from the Hayama, we also have the perfect holiday gift: Christmas stollen made at Manufacture, our sister bakery in Asakusa. We'll also have organic LOVE TEA from Melbourne and housemade boules de neige snowballs to celebrate the season, and enjoy housemade mille-feuille for brunch on Saturday!

Location: Kojimachi Cafe
Date & Time: Friday, December 20* & 11:00 - 18:00 Saturday, December 21
*Fresh fruits and vegetables go on sale from 11:00 on Friday

Christmas Marché 2019

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