Kojimachi Cafe 11th Anniversary


エスペレット村で食べたソーセージが忘れられなくていつかやろうと思っていた秘蔵のメニューです。こちらにメローハバネロの最新作のハバネロソースHop in Heavenを合わせて食べると、もう...そこはヘブンかもしれません!

Join us at Kojimachi Cafe for a special 11th-anniversary lunch on Friday, July 28th. Our Special Hot Dog Plate--a homemade jumbo sausage stuffed with peppers in authentic Basque fashion, all on a quinoa and white sesame bun--will be available for just 1,000 yen and comes with soup, salad, and dessert.

This special menu item is our homage to an unforgettable sausage we tried once in the village of Espelette in France. Try it together with Mellow Habanero's new Hop in Heaven sauce for a borderline holy experience. But get here early, because once they're gone, they're gone!

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Special Hot Dog Marché


Kojimachi Cafe 11th Anniversary


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