Mid-Summer Marché 2019


開催場所:Kojimachi Cafe
開催日時: 8月23日(金)15:00-18:00 ※ 、24日(土)12:00 -
※なお、物販は前日24日(金)17:00〜 より行なっております。

At Kojimachi Cafe's mid-summer marché this Friday and Saturday, August 23-24, we have a whole host of sun-drenched, ripe summer vegetables from our own Kiyosato farm, including sweet corn, bell peppers, cute colinky squash, and all the snap peas you can grab--in addition to our usual lineup of tasty veggies from Kanagawa's Hayama region. You can also look forward to sweet and juicy peaches delivered direct from the town of Ichinomiya in Yamanashi Prefecture, a place popularly known as Japan's fruit paradise. Come celebrate the bounty of summer with us this weekend at Kojimachi Cafe!

Location: Kojimachi Cafe
Date & Time: 15:00 - 18:00 Friday, August 23* & 12:00 - Saturday, August 24
*Fresh fruits and vegetables available on sale from 17:00 on Friday.

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Mid-Summer Marché 2019


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