Rainy Season Marché 2019


開催場所:Kojimachi Cafe
開催日時: 6月21日(金)15:00-18:00 ※ 、22日(土)12:00 -
※なお、物販は前日21日(金)17:00〜 より行なっております。

June means rain for Tokyo, but you can beat the heat and humidity at our Rainy Day Marché! And we've got plenty of ripe Hayama veggies straight from the Miura peninsula as well as non-chemical grapefruits and limes for you to take home. For Saturday brunch, try our lime-marinated ceviche or a lime-soaked, 100% all-natural steak with chimichurri sauce. And don't forget to stick around for a tangy lime tart for dessert!

Location: Kojimachi Cafe
Date & Time: 15:00 - 18:00 Friday, June 21* & 12:00 - Saturday, June 22
*Fresh fruits and vegetables available on sale from 17:00 on Friday.

Rainy Season Marché 2019


Mid Spring Marché 2019


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